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    Welcome to the Team!

    Below you will find the financial commitments, Team waivers, Team agreements, FIRST Robotics requirements and our communication platforms. Please make sure to have everything completed within the first week of being accepted as a Firestorm Robotics member. 

    We are excited to add you to our team. Be ready to jump in and learn!

    Financial Commitment (member & team)

    Amount Purpose Deadline
    $750.00/member $360/year Makerspace Fee
    $390/year Supplies, Team Funds
    August 31
    $5,000.00/team FIRST Robotics District Qualifiers November
    $5,000.00/team Competition Robot Budget (+20%) December
    $4,000.00/team FIRST Robotics State Championship March
    $7,000.00/team FIRST Worlds April

    FIRST Robotics Requirements

    1. Sign up for a FIRST Robotics account and join FRC Team 6341 – Firestorm Robotics or
      accept the invite if you received one.
    2. Log in and complete the Consent and Release Form.

    Agreement & Waiver

    Communication Platforms

    1. Band App for team communications, scheduling meetings, events and shop days.
      (For Team Members & Parents) 
    2. Slack for project management. (For Team Members Only)