Too often, students get caught up in the theoretical world without considering practical applications. Our solution? Give the theoretical world a physical form. Discover skills never even introduced in the classroom.


Get your hands dirty!

Engineers design with OnShape and use a variety of tools and equipment from hand tools all the way to CNC machines.


Connects engineers & programmers!
Learn low voltage wiring, connectors, crimping and soldering. A single wire in the wrong place can disable the robot. The quality of your work determines if our robot stalls or succeeds.

Learn more about Electrical


It's not just a lot of hot air!

We put pressurized air to practical use.


From Autonomous to Awesome!

We use C++ or Java for our various cool projects and our robot and its autonomous systems.


Safety is Job One

Safety doesn’t just happen – it takes training, and commitment. We believe that safety is the responsibility of each and every person from our mentors to the students working on our robots.


The voice of our team!

Develop skills in website development, social media, photography, financial management, writing, public speaking, fundraising and much more!

More than just tinkering or terminology

Assisted by adult Mentors with real world experience, students are able to learn real world principles and practices hands on.

They experience full life cycle development from concept to deliverable, see version control in action, develop content and processes. Team members will complete action items, practice EMU (Enhancement, maintenance, and upgrade), and utilize quality control and safety standards.

Passing It On

Skills shared with and by teammates.
Students assisted by adult Mentors and business leaders with real world experience.

Firestorm Robotics builds on each season’s knowledge and expands it. Students have the opportunity to learn new skills and to develop talents, to improve what they know, and to teach what they’ve mastered. Whether it’s honing your expertise or simply stepping from your comfort zone, there’s lots of room to grow.