More than just Tinkering or Terminology

Too often, students get caught up in the theoretical world without considering practical applications. Our solution? Give the theoretical world a physical form. Discover skills never even introduced in the classroom.

Assisted by adult mentors with real world experience, students are able to learn real world principles and practice hands on.

They experience full lifecycle development from concept to deliverable. See version control in action. Develop content and processes. Team members will complete action items, practice EMU (enhancement, maintenance, and upgrade), and utilize quality control and safety standards.


Did I say Power Tools?


Design with OnShape and use our 3D Printers and CNC equipment and see your designs come to life.


Autonomous to [Awesome]

C++ / Java

Learn to write the code to make our robots move. Tele-op or Autonomous.


Enlightening but never Shocking


Learn low voltage wiring, connectors, crimping, and soldering. Work with encoders, switches & sensors.


It's Always - Job Number One

Safety FIRST

Safety doesn’t just happen – it takes training and commitment.


Never Hot Air - Just Full of It

Pressurized Air

Learn to connect tanks, valves, solenoids, and actuators.


Community Service at a Higher Level


Reach out to our community. Develop our brand, website, and social media presence. Meet with sponsors.
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