NASA Space Apps Challenge

Looking for a fun weekend of Hacking and Making?

Do you like:

  • Food, Fun, and Games
  • Winning Stuff
  • Art & Crafts
  • Programming
  • Robots
  • App Development
  • And mostly having FUN

Cherokee Makerspace and Firestorm Robotics is hosting an in- person / virtual hackathon as virtual teams participating in NASA Space Apps.

To Join

  • Register at NASA Space Apps Challenge. (For all ages.)
  • After registering, select “Universal Event” as your location.
  • JOIN ONE OF OUR TEAMS or make your own. (To compete in some of our local makerspace challenges, you need to join one of our teams.)
  • The mentors and team members at Firestorm Robotics are selecting challenges and forming teams starting on September 22, 2021.
  • Contact us if you are interested in joining our team at


FIRESTORM-WEBB [b9388] – Webb Origami Design Challenge
FIRESTORM-TRAIL [8c9c9] – Trail to Mars Challenge

This is a free event and is open to all ages. NASA Space Apps does this hackathon every year and has many locations including virtual options. Cherokee Makerspace is a participating as 6 virtual teams that will have in-person and virtual activities.


  • AI/ML
  • Apps
  • Data Organization
  • Game
  • Hardware
  • Knowledge
  • Lunar Surface Operations
  • Risk
  • Science Applications
  • Space Travel
  • Youth-Friendly