Project Description

This was our team?s first attempt at a robot, as it was our rookie year. This robot aimed to complete all of the tasks presented by FIRST SteamWorks.

Revision A: It used a standard AM-14U3 6WD chassis modified for a tall volume. In addition, it had a turreted flywheel shooter capable of launching whiffle balls approximately 12 feet in the air in any direction! The robot also featured a passive gear transporter. On the programming side, the robot had two different vision tracking systems and a NAVx 9 axis gyro capable of determining where the robot was on the field. The climber was a 4? DIA PVC Cylinder covered in industrial Velcro designed to latch onto the loop side of the tape on 1? flat webbing for climbing.

Revision B: Due to a failed inspection at our first district qualifier, Kaybee was redesigned and built in six hours. This new robot?s mission was simple – deliver gears and climb. It accomplished this job exceptionally well as it had a climb time of 3 seconds and averaged 3 gears in a match. This robot gained rapport among judges due to its ingenious use of thicker metal as a cantilever. The climber was powered by a 775-pro motor running into a 30:1 Versa Planetary Gearbox. The gear mechanism was passive and recycled the same design from the previous version.

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