More than just tinkering or terminology

Assisted by adult Mentors with real world experience, students are able to learn real world principles and practices hands on.

They experience full life cycle development from concept to deliverable, see version control in action, develop content and processes. Team members will complete action items, practice EMU (Enhancement, maintenance, and upgrade), and utilize quality control and safety standards.

Passing It On

Skills shared with and by teammates.
Students assisted by adult Mentors and business leaders with real world experience.

Firestorm Robotics builds on each season’s knowledge and expands it. Students have the opportunity to learn new skills and to develop talents, to improve what they know, and to teach what they’ve mastered. Whether it’s honing your expertise or simply stepping from your comfort zone, there’s lots of room to grow.

Some applications, platforms and technologies we use:

Design & Engineering: Autodesk Fusion 360 / Linux CNC / Solidworks
Operations & Marketing: Facebook am / LinkedIn / Slack / Twitter / Wave Accounting
Programming & Wiring: Avada Theme / Java / WordPress

Did you know?
Each year there are millions of $$ available in scholarships for FRC players?

Using Cordless Drill

Too often, students get caught up in the theoretical world without considering practical applications. Our solution? Give the theoretical world a physical form. Students now have an application for topics such as physics, electricity, and programming. In addition, they can discover skills never even introduced in the classroom. Topics such as graphic design, project management, and marketing are now completely accessible to students.

Is this BattleBots?

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