Vacuum Pump Filter System for Harvest Right

Our Device

Our lead mentor has an HR freeze dryer and we made this vacuum pump filter controller to automatically recirculate the oil through a filter / water separator at preset intervals. There’s nothing to set. Filtering starts as soon as the Standard pump warms up and shuts off when it cools down. The Premier pump doesn’t have a threaded fitting and an oil fill cap to be able to use this filter system.

An illuminated inspection window on top lights up the return hose and lets you visually check on the oil clarity.

3D Rendering See Thru


  • Fully automatic pump operation. Longer and more frequent cycles during the first 8 hours of freeze drying.
  • Center switch gives you 1x and 2x cycles for different moisture levels.
  • Pump and light can be manually activated with button press.

Why Do We Do This?

Women in STEM

STEM + Entrepreneurship

This STEM project provides an opportunity for our members to learn OnShape CAD, 3D printing, Arduino, C++ programming, electronics, wiring, fulfillment and support.

Your support allows us to buy all the parts we need to train them. As their sponsor, you get to keep the vacuum pump filter controller after they are done practicing. We may break a few things along the way but the final product will be inspected and tested.

A Work in Progress

Whats Included?

Add-ons include everything you need to connect the controller to the filter and the Harvest Right standard pump. You can buy some of these items from Amazon but we get higher quality ones from an industrial supplier. if you choose the option with Add Ons, your device will come partially preassembled.

Vacuum Pump Controller

  1. Custom designed, 3D-printed enclosure
  2. Arduino Nano platform
  3. Optocoupler relay
  4. Ambient temperature sensor
  5. Pump temperature sensor
  6. Hose viewer with 4-bright white LED’s
  7. Airtex fuel pump
  8. 12V Power Supply

Add Ons

  1. Tygon Clear Hose
  2. Hose Clamps
  3. R12T Filter / Water Separator
  4. Hose Barb Fitting for Oil Drain Valve
  5. Hose Barb Fitting for Oil Return
  6. Valve and Fittings for Oil Refill

I Want to Support this Project!

Your donation includes the cost of the components, a small markup for "unexpected oops" and makerspace time to put it all together.
Thanks so much for your generosity.