Firestorm Robotics

Not Just Robotics
but Life Skills

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Electrical Work

Inspire Students

Our program tirelessly demonstrates to students what hard work, dedication, grit, and passion can do. Students learn technical skills that enable them to go from concept to a finished product.

Engage Minds

Engage Minds

Student leaders, under the guidance of adult mentors, develop a range of practical skill sets, including effective communication, marketing and teamwork, software and hardware design, and engineering principles.

Build Futures

Build Futures

We reach out into our community through in-school demonstrations and STEM events to educate students on the many opportunities that are available to them before they make a career decision.

First Robotics Competition

Robotics: New Trend in High School Sports

We participate in a program known as FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). We design, build, test, and compete using 120-pound robots.