Our Mission

To provide students a unique opportunity to develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and non-technical skills in a collaborative, realistic setting, through real-time development, organized competitions, and service to the local community through education and building mobility devices for children. To be successful at robotics competitions with the spirit of Coopertition?, using our best efforts while practicing gracious professionalism.

FIRST Robotics Competition
Using Dremel Multitool

Inspire Students

Our program tirelessly demonstrates to students what hard work, dedication, grit, and passion can do when focused. Our inspiration knows no bounds as we constantly strive to educate students in places previously forgotten by traditional means. We reach out into our community to educate students on how many opportunities are available to them in STEAM fields.

Using Cordless Drill

Engage Minds

Student members, under the guidance of adult Mentors, develop a range of practical skill sets, including effective communication, marketing and teamwork, software and hardware design, and engineering principles.

Kaybee Robot

Build Robots

We participate in a program known as FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). In FRC, high school students design, build, test, and compete using 120 pound robots. Each year has a new theme and “game”, creating new challenges to overcome with highly specialized robots and strategic play.

Kessley Mobility PowerWheels

Serve Others

As the founder of the Interact FIRST Alliance, we customize and develop mobility devices for children. Our partnership with the Interact Clubs of Etowah HS and Woodstock HS provides quality volunteering and community service opportunties while leveraging their STEM skills. We are giving kids the opportunity to engage and play like never before!

Recent News

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Firestorm Robotics kicks off Interact FIRST Alliance

After months of preparation, Interact FIRST Alliance had our first organizational meeting. 5 Georgia FIRST teams (Firestorm Robotics, East Cobb Robotics, Lithium Robotics, Team Reboot 4080 and Nova Robotics), 40+ members and mentors. This is [...]